React useEffect and fetch API

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Howdy!!! React (16.8?) introduced hooks not long ago and I have been using them more and more to create functional components where state and effects are easily identifiable and maintenance-friendly. I have found the React docs quite good at explaining what they are and how you are supposed to use them. You can read more about them here: useEffect The useEffect hook let’s you perform side effects in function components, those side effects could be:

Implementing the builder pattern in Typescript

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Introduction The Builder Pattern is a design pattern used to construct objects by relying on method chaining. Once the required properties have been set, calling Build in the builder instance gives you in exchange a fully populated object. This pattern works well when you want to implement a DSL that provides a self-documented API to object construction. I have been looking at Typescript type system lately, trying to find clever ways to use its power and flexibility.

Quentin - Your movie knowledge bot

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Introduction Thanks to the professional development (PD) program provided by the company that I work for, Readify, I got some time to invest into researching a variety of technologies from Microsoft in the AI realm, particularly: Microsoft Cognitive Services LUIS: Language Understanding Intelligent Service Microsoft Bot Framework Furthermore, to make things interesting and because I like to learn by experimentation, I set the goal to create a simple bot that gives you plot information about a movie.

Functional programming with Typescript

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Introduction I have been working with Typescript for a few months already. I have also used it for real in one of my engagements at Readify and also to develop some personal projects. All in all I think it’s a great language and very pleasant to work with. After a little while I started to push the limits of its type system and wanted to know if it was possible to leverage functional programming patterns with it.